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Sitting at tables that celebrate you

I took this picture while I sat at a table with a group of people from the church I was about to perform for. The table was filled with church staff, their families, volunteers, my hubby, and the ministry leader who booked me. We sat chatting and eating yummy snacks. As I sat their I realized this was a table that not only accepted me, but they celebrated me. Not just because I was a comedian. Honestly I had performed yet. So they could of hated my show.

I sat there and thought of all the tables I sat before who either didn’t want me there or I didn’t fit at. All the tables of people that didn’t feel welcoming. Not like this. I took the picture as a reminder. Sit at and celebrate the tables that choose you. I didn’t know these people. Other than the booker ans my hubby these people didn’t know me at all. And yet I felt more welcomed and accepted than at tables of people who knew me for years.

we spend our lives craving the invite to tables that we were never really needed to be at. We feel rejected when you aren’t included. I believe God allows us to sit at those tables so we see where we don’t need to be. We can’t truly appreciate the special tables until we accept there are some tables we don’t need to crave any longer. I share this sentiment and photo in hopes that you see the beauty in the chosen tables and gratitude for knowing the difference.

Here’s a few more truths I’ve learned about these tables

  • Choose to think on the chosen tables. Choose those who choose you. Even when we question why. Chose gratitude for the chosen tables

  • Focus on how you can show others they are chosen too. Hear them, see them and laugh with them.

  • Create the table. We a person who chooses

  • Eat the food. The best foods are at the chosen tables

Where ever you are today, take a moment to be thankful for the special tables filled with people who love you. And, tell them. Everyone loves to hear they are loved and special. If you can, set the table.

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