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I’m tired boss, but I'm blessed

I just wrapped up my first week of spring 2024 tour.  That included Monday Tuesday nights in Arizona. Friday in Indiana and Saturday in Ohio.  The shows were all so good. Great crowds at great venues. The travel to and from were not easiest, but not the hardest. From Monday to Sunday I was home 36 hours, with a family with the FLU.   I did as much laundry and food prep as I could before I was back on the road.  The road included flying into Chicago drive through Michigan to Indiana and then drive to Ohio the next day.  6am flights and time changes threw me way out of my normal routine. Road food and lack of daily exercise added didn’t help much either.  I grabbed my luggage from the carousal and walked towards parking. I could hear my loud family on the escalator before I could see them. As their heads came up, tears filled my eyes. Maybe it was the exhaustion and the happiness all at once, but I was so happy to see them all healthy and smiling. Big hugs from tall people.....My kids and my hubby are 6ft or taller. So hugs mean my face falls into their shoulders or chest. My husband squeezed me and my kids asked what was wrong. "I am just so happy to see You"

When I arrived home I planted myself on my couch in my favorite pjs.  I slept on and off delightful naps with my family with me.  It was a good week. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy.  How is that chaos good? In the busy week I was exhausted and taking immune support shots like I was a bar regular. Now being home means grocery shopping, meal cooking, kid scheduling, gym tripping, all the things. I am tired.

Almost 10 years ago I stepped away from being a full time comedian so I could be home with my little kids. Now they are teens and understand mom has a tour season. I am gone weekends and home for weekly ball games and school events. I make home cooked meals and clean house. I check their grades and help with assignments. Before I leave Friday morning, there will be a huge batch of homemade spaghetti sauce for the weekend and a pantry full of their favorite snacks.

There are moments I am so tired I feel like I am failing. But then I rest, I take care of myself, and I have chats with my family. And I know all is well. Isnt that every mom or parent though? When I was not on the road full time I had the same tiredness from working full time, and part time and being a mom. We get tired. We feel like we are failing, we all have these times. The trick is to find out how to take care of ourselves and communicate with those we love. I know when I need sleep, and extra vitamins. It took me years to figure out how to allow myself the breaks to do that. I had to learn to take care of me so I could model that for my kids. I don't want them exhausting themselves to no end.

No matter what your job is, or how old your kids are, take care of yourself. Give yourself freedom for down time, naps, hot baths, and rest. God called us to ministry in our own ways, but he also called us to be responsible with the resources he gave us.....our health is a resource. Honor God by honoring our health, mentally, physically, emotionally. Rest when needed is worship.

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