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Marriage is a laughing matter

In just two weeks I go on the road for the 2024 spring tour of Marriage Date night. It has to be one of my favorite tours. Two comedians and a Christian recording artist. So its a tour with me, two guys and our tour manager. We basically fly into a town and take a van together from city to city that weekend. My favorite part are the couples who come to these events. They all vary in age and backgrounds. Most dont attend the church they come to the event for. So they come in knowing NO ONE! But they come expecting to have fun with their spouse. Thats what it's all about.

Do you laugh with your spouse? Do you laugh at all? I've come to realize some people rarely laugh. They have serious lives with serious jobs so they take life very seriously. I do not. I am serious about my job, caring for my family, but thats about it. Usually you will find music playing in my kitchen with very joyful, yet uncoordinated, dancing. There will probably be someone hiding somewhere to scare each other. We are not a serious family. We have had to learn there is a time and a place for silly......we still miss the mark on that often.

Marriage should always have time for laughter. We have been through a lot over the years. Some very serious situations. We are a blended family, so we've had custody cases for our kiddos. Those were year long battles. We've had 4 miscarriages. Some in the second trimester. Add those traumatic experiences on top of life's typical chaos. It was not easy. But those sad, stressful, scary times made us treasure the sweet moments so much more. We love family time and make it a priority as our kids become teens. We take time for joy and silliness. My husband is laid back and easy going. He as taught me to slow down and rest. I have taught him a food fight can and probably will happen. Just like we have to be intentional to take time for each other in our marriage, we have to make time for joy, fun, and laughter. That is why I LOVE marriage date night tours. Its a date with a purpose. My hubby and I have been axe throwing, fishing, driving range, and even Costco sampling.

If youre reading to this point I challenge you to laugh on purpose with your spouse. That doesn't mean trip them on purpose, but a good jump scare is always a plus. Plan a date night and if youre close to one of our Spring tour dates, come see us and have a laugh together.

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