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Fasten Seatbelts, it’s gonna get bumpy

Have you ever been on a plane and it was smooth sailing. You look at the window to cotton candy clouds and water color sunsets. If you weren't smooshed into a tight seat, rubbing thighs with your neighbor you may forget you are thousands of feet in the air.

Today I sat on my 12th flight of the month. This one proving to be the most interesting. Before I could even squish into my window seat I was informed there was previously chewed gum stuck to the end of my seat belt. I was already in the next to last row so I informed the flight attendant of the seatbelt demise. The freshly gloved gal said they would need to call maintenance for the removal, because there were no open seats I could move to. I waited and watched every customer board and buckle. I stood in the back with the sweet gals joking that I would share their seats if they let me. The hero came and saved my seatbelt so that I could force the neighbors to get up one more time so I could secure my seat. But that's not the beginning of the challenges.

An hour before that I dropped my entire VENTI iced delicious coffee as the Starbucks hero handed it to backpack, the wall, and the floor were covered in sugar free vanilla goodness. I helped my coffee hero clean it up and she handed me a fresh venti. I made my way to the gate....only to find that was last weeks gate and last weeks terminal. I got my steps in today before 7am. Add that to the flight I missed at 6am.....this wasn't a great morning.

BUT this is nothing compared to what life throws at us. This week I lost a very good friend. Her sudden accident was a shock to us all, especially her kids. I wasn't ready to say goodbye, none of us were. And the terbulance we are in now seems overwhelming. Today I wanted a fasten seatbelt sign for my life. I want it to ding and light up when rough roads are ahead. I want the deep toned voice of the captain to come over an intercom and tell me how bumpy it may be. Is it so bad things may shift a little or do we need to brace ourselves? I want the warning. But we aren't going to get a light. Instead we have the word of God telling us we will have trouble BUT that he has already overcame the trouble of this world. I still want more specific warning. I try to remind myself of the promises. Sometimes the stress, sadness, and other emotions feel like I am being shaken in the air. But I know God will bring back the smooth sailing. He will land this "plane".

Today I am praying for us who are in our "bumpy" season. I am gonna fasten my seatbelt of faith and sit tight in his promises.

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